realme Band – The Perfect Christmas Stocking Filler

realme announced its entry into the fitness tracker market with the realme Band earlier this year. Making a big first impression, realme managed to do what very few competitors have done before…make a super-affordable fitness tracker with all the essential features along with a bright colour display.

Plenty of Band for you Buck

With the likes of the Apple Watch and FitBit’s Inspire/Ace fitness trackers dominating the market (£269 & £69.99 respectively), realme has been incredibly bold in releasing their Band for just £24.99. Despite its low price, the realme Band does not; however, lack many of the vital features that a fitness device needs (and even adds a unique feature that its competitors do not have).

As suggested before, the realme Band features a 0.96” colour display, allowing you to see your basic daily activity stats easily. With its single virtual button, navigating the watch’s various sports modes is very straightforward. A simple tap takes you to the next mode, and a short press-and-hold of the button selects the mode shown on the display.

One of the most important features of any fitness tracker and smartwatch is its battery life. It is no fun having to charge both your laptop and phone every day, so it is great that you won’t have to add the realme Band to your charge list very often. The realme Band comes with a 90mAh battery that lasts a full week on a single charge, and up to 10 days if the heart rate monitor is not used. What is also worth noting is the way to charge the realme Band. There is no requirement to carry an extra cable or even use your phone’s current charging cable. As shown, pulling off one side of the wrist strap reveals its USB Direct Charge functionality, so you can simply insert it into a wall, your laptop/desktop, or any USB slot you find to top-up your Band’s battery.

realme Band Charging - USB insert to Laptop

realme Band Charging - USB

Fitness Functionalities

To track your daily steps, your runs, workouts, and any other exercise activities, the realme Band utilises a 3-axis accelerometer and a real-time heart rate monitor. Having this technology on your wrist enables the Band to measure your activity in 9 different sports. The realme Band’s 9 sports modes include yoga, run, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, spinning, and a special cricket mode. Because of this, the realme Band is perfect for the vast majority of consumers, having the ability to track all of the most essential workout types.

realme Band's 9 Sports Modes

There is no need to worry if the weather turns sour with the realme Band, either. This is because it has an IP68 water resistance rating, meaning that the Band is protected against all kinds of dirt, dust, and sand, as well as occasional submersion in water up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes. In general, this means that you can run with the realme Band in heavy rain without any issue, and can keep it on your wrist while you are in the shower or even washing the dishes. The only activity that is not recommended with the realme Band is swimming.

The one addition we would love to see the realme Band have is GPS. Currently, there are very few GPS-enabled devices under the £100 price range, with even FitBit’s Inspire and Ace 2 fitness trackers (both at £69.99) not featuring GPS functionality. With GPS, you would be able to track your run/hike/cycle routes to see where your workout took you.

realme Band Running Functionality

Sleep Tracking & Other Features

In addition to its fitness capabilities, the realme Band is great for tracking your sleep. With its extensive battery life, the realme Band can help you understand your sleeping patterns over the course of a full week on just a single charge.

To connect to your smartphone, the realme Band features Bluetooth 4.2, allowing for easy, fast, and uninterrupted pairing to your mobile device. With its Bluetooth capabilities and colour display, the realme Band also becomes more like a smartwatch, allowing you to receive your notifications right from your wrist. With its Smart Notifications, the realme Band will let you know about your latest SMS, WhatsApp, & Messenger messages, phone calls, emails, Instagram likes, and much more.

realme Band Box

Design & Compatibility

As you can see, the realme Band comes in a simple design, with an aesthetic most fitness tracker users will feel very familiar with. Much like its competitors, the realme Band is extremely light, weighing in at just 20 grams, meaning you will hardly notice it is on your wrist. The realme Band is available in two stylish finishes on, Black and Green.

Being a realme device, the realme Band is compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 or later. Unfortunately, for iPhone users, the realme Band does not support iOS, meaning that none of the Smart Notification features will be supported via an iPhone.

Setup & Management

One of the great things about the realme Band is its simplicity. The setup of the device is no different. Once you take your brand new device out of the box, it immediately works and tracks your movement. This means no password or email confirmation is required to be able to track your daily steps and measure your heart rate.

If you’d like to be able to see your activity history, view more advanced statistics, or change device settings, then all you’ll need to do is simply download the realme Link app and pair the Band with your smartphone. The app is available on all Android devices via the Google Play Store.

realme Link App

realme Link App on an Android Smartphone

Overview & Pricing

Getting inspired with a ‘new year, new me’ attitude for 2021 never looked so easy. The realme Band truly shows how having a device to track your movement and help you stay in shape does not have to be expensive. The realme Band is a perfect gift to put in a Christmas stocking for anyone looking to track their steps, their workouts, and even their sleep pattern.

Get the realme Band for just £24.99 here

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